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Weight Loss

weight loss

No fancy diet, special supplements or crazy exercise routine! Just an understanding of what is important for weight loss, allowing you to follow an exercise programme you enjoy and still be able to eat your favourite foods!

Fitter & Stronger


It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose or gain weight, to achieve the body you desire you must increase muscle and reduce body fat. I introduce all my clients into weight training, prioritising technique and mobility.

Antenatal  & Postnatal Exercise

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

As a fully qualified pre and post natal personal trainer, I understand the importance of exercise during your pregnancy and after. I will help you to train in a safe and effective away through out each trimester.

Exercising with a Medical Condition

Active Senior Man

What separates me from the majority of Exeter personal trainers is my passion to help people exercise with complex medical conditions and my experience working as a GP Referral & BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor.

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Personal Trainer Exeter

Tom Burridge

I am a highly qualified one to one personal trainer who has been working in the industry for over 5 years in the Exeter area. I want to use my experience to empower you to achieve your best body and health.

My private personal training studio provides a safe, clean and non intimidating environment to train in.  


At Train For Change Personal Training, I help people incorporate a healthier lifestyle into their current way of living, allowing them to achieve the body they desire and more importantly be able to maintain it.

personal trainer exeter
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Been working alongside Tom for 2 months, I was looking to build some muscle mass and Tom's enabled me to gain 3.5kg. In the past I've always found it tough to do this due to a lot of faint spells but he was supportive throughout and allowed me to take it at a pace that benefitted me most. Alongside the exercises, he offered me valued advice on how to build up my calories in a routine manner which made it easier to recover and also enable the muscle gain.

Jamie Brown