About Me

Tom Burridge

Exeter Personal Trainer

My passion for exercise and fitness started from playing sport at a young age, especially football.

However, during my early teens I had to give up all my sport as I became very poorly with a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. Unable to exercise resulted in a drastic reduction in my activity levels, therefore significant weight gain.

Thankfully by my mid-teens my condition improved and I began to rebuild my relationship with exercise. This is when my interest in weight training and general cardiovascular fitness really began to grow. Unfortunately over the past fifteen years I have made plenty of mistakes with my training and nutrition. I have been a victim to the power of fitness magazines, social media and television. Luckily this did not affect my motivation and as my passion grew, so did my determination to find the real evidence based information behind exercise and nutrition. To my astonishment I became aware that so much of the information I had become accustomed to just wasn’t true. In fact exercise and nutrition really doesn’t need to be as complicated as the marketing powers make us think. This is why I want to use my experience and knowledge to help break down your health and fitness goals, making them achievable.​

I have now been working in the fitness industry for over five years in the Exeter area as a personal trainer and my desire to learn and help others has only grown. Alongside personal training, I have obtained additional qualifications to work as an exercise referral and cardiac rehabilitation instructor. This has giving me a greater understanding of medical conditions, medications and how to exercise safely.​

In recent years I have become a husband and a father, giving me a greater appreciation of time management. I understand the importance of having a healthy work life and home life balance. This is why I ensure my clients are able to maintain a good quality of life by eating the foods they love and doing the exercise they enjoy. ​

My mission is not just to help people reach their goals but give them the tools and education to make them maintainable.


I help people to become fitter, leaner, stronger & happier!


Level 4 Personal Trainer

Nutrition & Weight Management

Pre- & Postnatal Specialist

GP Exercise Referral Instructor

BACPR Specialist Exercise Instructor Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Pre & Postnatal Exercise
GP Exercise Referral
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