Weight Loss Exeter 


Why is my approach different to other Exeter Personal Trainers?

Packed Meal
No Set Meal Plans

I never set my clients meal plans because it is very unlikely that someone will stick to it, considering how restricted it can make you feel, and how far away it is from your current dietary habits. It is not sustainable because even if you finish the meal plan, you will most likely just fall back into your old ways due to the complete loss of direction and lack of education.

As an Exeter personal trainer, I understand the importance of nutrition and exercise to help support my clients reach their weight loss goals. However, I don’t just want you to lose weight, I want you to be able to maintain it!

Anyone can lose weight, but can you sustain it?

Sustainability is achieved by understanding how you lost the weight, and becoming comfortable with any changes you have made to your lifestyle.

To make this possible I use 3 methods:

Educate - I help give my clients a basic understanding of nutrition, so that they can make their own smart choices and be aware of all the misinformation that is continuously provided by social media. When it comes down to weight loss the number one factor is Calorie Deficit. If you continuously maintain a calorie deficit you will lose weight, and for weight loss alone it doesn’t really matter what that food is. Now, I am not saying you should just eat donuts all day long, but what I am saying is if you did just eat donuts and maintained a calorie deficit you would lose weight. There is no such thing as ‘healthy' or un 'healthy food’ but there is a difference between the nutritional value of different foods. Consequently, for long term health it is important to include lots of nutritional food within your diet but at the same time continue to eat the foods you enjoy. 

Accountability - The only person that can actually implement the changes is you! My job is to provide you with all the tools to make it happen, and then it is yours to deliver the results. What makes me different to other personal trainers is I make sure that the tools I provide you are the best ones for you. This makes it easier for you to adhere to the diet and gradually make positive changes to your lifestyle.   

Support - It is completely normal to have good and bad days and it is my responsibility to give you that bit of extra support when needed. My support doesn't end after your personal training session. A weight loss journey can feel a very lonely on your own at times, and this is why I check in with my clients on a daily basis to make sure that everything is going ok via the instant messenger on 'Train for Change PT' app.