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Are you looking to lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health?

Train For Change Personal Training is for you!

Instantly find out what your daily calorie goal should be with my online calculator!

Client Testimonial

Anna Spence


I’d highly recommend Tom’s personal training services ! I have managed to lose fat, gain muscle and learn so much about nutrition. I love the flexibility he gives you with being able to eat whatever you want, whilst tailoring a plan that’s suitable for your own personal goals. I feel more confident and happier than ever ! Working out no longer feels like a chore.


Why choose me as your Exeter personal trainer?

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Hi, I'm Tom. I am a fully certified Exeter personal trainer and founder of Train For Change Personal Training. 

I offer so much more than just a personal training session because I give my clients the knowledge and confidence to be able to continue their exercise and nutritional journey for the long term.

I recognise that a gym can be a very intimidating environment for many people. I help people regain and build their confidence with exercise in my private personal training studio located in Exeter.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight, tone up, get stronger and improve their health. This is why I treat no two clients the same!

With my experience of working as an exercise referral instructor, I understand the importance exercise can have on your health and wellbeing. I am able to adapt training programmes to meet each individual needs. 

As an  Exeter personal trainer I help my clients to achieve their goals with an exercise plan they look forward to, and a diet that allows them to still be able to eat their favourite foods.

Personal Training Private Studio

Do you find gyms intimidating? 

Are you looking for somewhere to have personal training sessions with no distractions?

I have my own fully equipped private studio, allowing you to train in a surrounding where you feel safe and relaxed.

With no other users,  you are guaranteed no interruptions to your PT session.     

No Distractions - Personal training in a private studio guarantees no interruptions from other gym users, creating a much more private and personal environment.

Private - Often gyms can feel very intimidating and you are left with the impression that everyone is watching you. My one to one private studio allows you to relax and gain confidence as you train. There will be no need to wait to use certain equipment or even have to resort to an alternative exercise where the equipment is available.

Welcoming - I pride myself on creating a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere, allowing you to train with confidence.

Clean - Hygiene is now more important then ever and I can guarantee that the gym maintains the highest levels of cleanliness.

No Hidden Fees - All fees are included in my personal training packages, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about any joining fees and having a gym membership.

One to One Personal Training Exeter
private studio exeter
bespoke programming
nutritional advice
Nutritional Advice

No matter what your goal is, nutrition will play a big part in reaching this. You will be given a personalised daily calorie intake that supports you to achieve your overall goal but allows you to still eat the foods you enjoy, and live a normal life at the same time.

24/7 support
24/7 Support

The most important ingredient to achieve any goal in life is adherence, if you can stick to it you will see results! This is the reason I make daily contact with all my clients to make sure you feel supported and I am there to help when obstacles appear.

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iOS / Android App

You will have access to my app 'Train For Change PT' allowing you to access your training programmes, body measurements, personal documents and instant messenger. You can also link your 'MyFitnessPal' & 'Fitbit' allowing us both to collect all this data in one place.

What is included in my PT packages:

Private Studio Exeter

I have my own fully equipped private personal training studio in Exeter, allowing you to train in a comfortable environment with no distractions. It is kept to the highest cleanliness standards. No requirement for a gym membership 

Bespoke Programming

I recognise that everyone is an individual and it is important that this is reflected within your personal training programme. It will become effortless to comply, resulting in reaching your goals quicker. Not only will you have a structured personalised programme for our one to one session but you will also be provided with programming that compliments this to complete outside our sessions. 

Client Testimonial

Emily Clarke


I’ve been training with Tom to lose weight and improve overall strength. I’ve always felt intimated about going to the gym so the private studio is great as you don’t have to worry about anyone else. Tom is always on hand to provide knowledge and support with regular check ins to keep you motivated. I’m fairly self-conscious about my journey so it was a big relief that there was no pressure to share any ‘before’ pictures or feature on social media. Since I’ve been training I have lost weight, gotten stronger and learnt realistic lifestyle habits without it being a burden or too restrictive. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Exeter I would definitely recommend Tom! 

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PT Private Studio
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Exeter Personal Training



Been working alongside Tom for 2 months, I was looking to build some muscle mass and Tom's enabled me to gain 3.5kg. In the past I've always found it tough to do this due to a lot of faint spells but he was supportive throughout and allowed me to take it at a pace that benefitted me most. Alongside the exercises, he offered me valued advice on how to build up my calories in a routine manner which made it easier to recover and also enable the muscle gain.

Jamie Brown