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When I started training with Tom I was so unfit! I’d also struggled with a back problem most of my younger adult life and to be honest exercise made me feel apprehensive! Since I started training, I haven’t looked back and feel so much stronger, fitter and more confident. I don’t get any pain and really enjoy the sessions. He is so knowledgeable and ensuring your doing the exercises correctly is high on his priority list. He motivates and pushes you in the right way to help you achieve the best results. I would definitely recommend Tom for PT sessions to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness in the Exeter area.

Rebekka Partridge

Why is it important to become fitter & stronger?

The most popular reason the majority of us decide to exercise is because we are concerned about our body image. To many of us focus on training for aesthetics and therefore miss out on so many other benefits from exercise. Focusing on how we look can be a very demotivating way to train because it is very hard to measure progress and this is especially true with short term goals.

Why is cardio vascular training so important?

A Ferrari maybe good to look at, but it is pretty much useless if it doesn’t have a decent engine to go with it.

A good exercise programme should always include certain aspects of cardiovascular training. When it comes to this form of training, everyone’s approach always seems to be, all or nothing. Some of us are so focused on how we look on the outside (i.e. muscle definition), we seem to neglect our fitness. Not only can this be used as a good tool to help reduce body fat, but can also help reduce the risk of so many illnesses. On the other end of the spectrum, lots of us use this as our only form of exercise, therefore missing out on all the benefits of strength training and increasing the risk of burning out. I ensure that my clients have a fine balance of both forms of training to ensure they are able to achieve their particular goal.

Why is strength training so important?

Having a focus on becoming stronger, rather then just focusing on how you look is in my opinion the best way to train. Each session you can walk away feeling that you achieved something as you see your weights go up. In time this will actually result in you achieving the body you desire. Many people focus solely on the weight on the scales, to only reach their so called ‘target weight’ and look in the mirror to still be disappointed with what they see. However, my clients focus on increasing their muscle mass, whilst reducing their body fat, to achieve the body they deserve.

Is strength training suitable for everyone?

Simple answer, YES! Quite often we hear the words strength or resistance training we just picture power lifters or body builders, lifting extremely heavy weights. Strength is completely subjective to each individual and the skill is to help create that extra resistance for each particular person. Nevertheless, before I add any extra resistance to my clients exercises, I make sure that they have good mobility and technique.