8 week body transformation programme, about as useful as putting a plaster on a broken leg.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

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It is very common now for people to sign up to the latest 8 week weight body transformation. You will be guaranteed to lose all your unwanted weight, and achieve that defined body you been dreaming of.

But in reality all what is going to happen is you’re going to be set meal plans that absolutely resemble nothing like your current way of eating, exercise programmes that you don’t enjoy, and finish the programme more confused than when you started.

Treat the problem not the symptom!

Meal plans don’t work because all they are doing are quick fixing the problem and not addressing the symptoms. Often when it comes to weight loss people think it is their diet that is the problem and only look to address this. However, if you were to find the root causes for you to make certain decisions, you will then find that these changes can be possible.

For the majority of people, they are unable to follow the meal plan because it is completely different to their current way of living, and the rigid format gives no room to live a normal life.

Some people may enjoy the challenge of following this rigid plan of eating and willing to sacrifice any kind of social life at the same time.

But let me ask you one question…..Is this sustainable? NO!

Once you finish the set meal plan, what are you suppose to do?

Do you just eat the same food for the rest of your life?

What happens if you have a social occasion coming up and you are eating out in a restaurant?

This is why so many people just go back to their old habits after they finish the course, because they are none the wiser of how to make and sustain positive life style changes.

I don’t want you to just put a plaster over the problem and hope it is going to mend itself.

  • I help give my clients a basic understanding of nutrition, so that they can make their own smart choices and be aware of all the misinformation that is continuously provided by social media.

  • The only person that can actually implement the changes is you. It is not about just waking up one day and making drastic changes.

  • It is about making small changes over a long period, that all contribute to you achieving your dream body and health. This makes it easier for you to adhere to the diet and gradually make positive changes to your lifestyle.

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