A calorie is a calorie

beer and crisps

Trying to lose weight by just eating so called 'healthy food' without being in a calorie deficit is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

If your calorie deficit requires you to eat 1500 calories a day and you only consumed crisps to meet this goal you will still lose weight. How often do you hear people tell you that they have started eating 'healthy' but they still haven't lost weight or even gained weight. Unfortunately all food contain calories and just because you hear a food is 'healthy' it doesn't mean it is exempt.

For example, you could have avocado on toast for breakfast, followed by plain chicken and rice for lunch, handful of nuts and a banana for an afternoon snack and before you even have dinner you have blown your 1500 calories!

I know what you are thinking.....why have a not tried this crisp diet before?!

Unfortunately I am not saying you should only consume crisps from this day on to lose weight, but what I am saying is that for weight loss alone your calorie consumption is the most important factor not the type of food. This has been demonstrated numerous times by individuals who have only eating fast food but maintained a calorie deficit and still lost weight.

Why should I include 'healthy' food?

Eating a well balanced diet has way more benefits than just weight loss alone. You ensure that you are getting all your vitamins and minerals avoiding any chance of deficiency. This helps reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses and health complications. A well balanced diet helps improve your immune system, brain power, energy levels, sleep quality and control body weight. Majority of healthier foods are less calorie dense therefore you are able to eat more and consume less calories.


The takeaway message (excuse the pun) is that to achieve weight loss you need to include all foods into your diet with your primary focus on achieving a calorie deficit. Make sure you include a variety of different foods to reduce the risk of any deficiency but also include your favourite foods that maybe less nutritious. Not depriving yourself from any particular food will help you to maintain the diet for the long term and guarantee results.

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