Are you 'whey' under your protein goal?

I often find that protein is the main macronutrient that my clients don't get enough off. This is almost criminal to me because of the major benefits associated with a higher protein diet.

Reduced Appetite - Study's have shown that when people increase their protein intake they feel fuller, resulting in eating less calories.

Better Bone Health - People who eat higher protein diets normally have healthy bones therefore reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures later on in life.

Burn More Calories - Protein requires more energy to digest then carbohydrates and fats, with study's showing this can amount to as much as an extra 100 calories a day. This means you can create a greater calorie deficit everyday from just eating more protein.

Reduce Muscle Loss - It is really important when looking to lose weight and more importantly achieve the body you want, you reserve and potentially even increase your muscle mass. This can be the difference between reaching your target weight and being disappointed, or even weighing slightly more than your target weight and being extremely pleased with what you see in the mirror.

Improve Recover post exercise - Research suggest that consuming adequate amount of protein can help with your recovery.

How much protein should I be eating?

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In the UK the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for protein for adults is 0.75g protein per kg body weight per day.

However for people looking to lose weight the research suggests a much greater intake. This was demonstrated in a meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Along with a calorie restricted diet they found the high protein provided the most benefits.

Another meta-analysis also found increased benefits for higher protein intake on resistance trained adults.

A good guide is to aim for 25-35% of your daily calorie intake or 1.5-2.2g per kilogram of body weight.

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