Should women weight train?

Simple answer....YES!

woman weight training

Most women would like to achieve a toned body but think this is going to be achieved by just doing cardio. I am afraid this just isn't going to work. You need to reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass. This is why weight training should play the most important role in your training programme.

One of the biggest barriers that prevents women from weight training is the fear of becoming BULKY! Trust me I am a male who has been weight training for 15 years and I wish it was that easy. Due to a females anatomy and hormones, women start out at about half as much muscle mass as men. This is why you don't see many bulky women because for them to achieve this physique they have to work even harder for longer, and quite often there will also be the use of steroids.

However, despite this disadvantage research has shown that women can actually develop muscle at pretty much the same speed as men! They are just never going to get as big because they start with such a huge disadvantage.

Incorporating weight training into your programme will take you mind away from just trying to 'lose weight' and actually allow you to achieve the body you desire. As you begin to reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass, you will start to see that tone body you have being trying to achieve for years by going to numerous exercise classes and running endlessly on the treadmill.

What you waiting for?

You now have the knowledge to understand why resistance training is so important and why you do not need to be afraid of becoming 'bulky'.

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