Why I am not the right personal trainer for you!

Updated: May 20, 2021


If you are looking for any of the following then I am NOT the right PT for you:

  • Quick fixes

  • Set meal plans

  • Extremely low calorie goal

  • On your knees by the end of the session throwing up

  • Doing a random training session every week

  • Get pushed so hard that you can't walk for a week after your session but your watch tells you, you have burnt loads of calories.

  • Turning up to 1 session a week and expecting results despite do nothing else around your session.

  • Getting set an unrealistic diet and exercise plan that does not fit within your own life.

However I could be the right PT for you if:

  • Want to makes changes that are sustainable

  • Be able to still eat the food you enjoy

  • Realistic calorie goal

  • Learning proper technique for exercises you actually enjoy.

  • Train smart by incorporating structured progressive resistance training programme

  • Incorporating enough stress on the body to result in changes without decrementing your other daily activities

When people think personal trainer, they often think of some person shouting at them, pushing their body to their absolute limits and expecting to leave the session crawling out the gym with their head in bucket. Sadly, this often is the case and it is no wonder when I meet clients for the first time they are absolutely petrified because of past experiences or what they have seen on social media or the TV. This type of trainer is someone who doesn't understand the true principles of exercise and are clearly does not understand their client.

We live in a world where everyone wants a 'quick fix' and this is why so many people spend their hard earned cash on faddy programmes like '12 week weight loss challenge'. I am not saying that these programmes can't produce short term results and if you don't care about the long term implications then go for it. However, if you have the 'all or nothing' approach I am afraid you are never really going to be happy. You could just make small gradual changes that over time just become the norm, resulting in you maintaining a body you feel proud and happy with.

Having set meal plans are absolutely pointless because unless you want to never socialise again, eat the same foods day in day out or be told what to eat for your rest of your life it just isn't going to work. Why not just learn how you can still enjoy eating the foods you love, keeping you incomplete control and making your diet easy to adhere to.

Research shows that people who follow a low calorie diet will actually move less with out knowing because their body is trying to reserve energy. On top of this you will feel like crap and generally not be a very nice person to be around. No wonder most people can't maintain this because who wants to be a sedentary, aggressive, angry, tired, miserable person? By putting yourself into a realistic calorie deficit, ensuring you still have energy to function as a normal friendly person who is able to train to improve their body composition and general health, seems a lot more practical to me.

If you judge a good session by how many calories your burned or if you can walk up the stairs the next day, you are approaching things completely wrong. Not being able to walk the next day is only going to have a negative factor on your weight loss goal because you are going to move less, resulting in less calories burnt. So even though you may have burnt more calories in your session, this now completely irrelevant because you have now burnt less on the following days because you can't move.

However, learning how to resistance train properly with a structured training programme will not only help increase muscle mass, you will also burn more calories over time because of being able to train more frequently and reducing the risk of injury. Most importantly you will actually enjoy what you are doing, giving you the motivation to keep going!

Would you like help to achieve your health and fitness goals?

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