Top 5 Benefits of Personal Training With a Friend

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Personal training with a friend is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. Together you can share all the all the benefits including the cost!

Here are the top five benefits of personal training with your friend:

1) Confidence

2) Motivation

3) Adherence

4) Friendship

5) Cost


Many people would love to have a personal trainer to help them achieve their health and fitness goal but just don’t have the self-confidence to do so. So many questions can go through your head……

What if I embarrass myself?

What if the trainer pushes me too hard?

What if I feel really awkward and uncomfortable?

These are just some of the scary thoughts people have and sadly result in them not going ahead with doing something they would actually like to do. However, by signing up to personal training with your friend you can reduce a lot of your anxiety because you will no longer feel alone and this will give you that little confidence boost you need!


Training with a friend doesn’t just give you extra enthusiasm during the session but it will also keep you focussed outside. You will be able to motivate each other to complete training sessions together to accompany your PT programme. You will also be able to spur each other on to remain focused with your training and nutrition when obstacles arise. Your motivation levels will be through the roof with your personal trainer and your friend by your side!


Your ability to be able to stick to your exercise and nutritional regime is the difference between achieving your goals or falling back to your old ways. You will feel more dedicated to your exercise journey knowing that you are doing it along side your friend. It can feel a very lonely place at times when you are making so many positive changes to your lifestyle, but sharing this experience with someone close to you will only make it easier. By not committing to the programme you won’t just be letting yourself down, but also your friend. This will give you that extra incentive to reach your goals together.


So much quality time as been lost over the last 18months with our friends due to covid-19, so why not rebuild your friendship and health by training with your friend. As the world begins to re-open it, life seems to become very busy again and time with friends can easily be overlooked. Having fixed training times with your friend every week will make sure you fit your exercise in and will also guarantee you spend time with your friends as well. Not only will you begin to see benefits in your health and fitness goals, you will also begin to grow a stronger relationship together.


Finally, one of the biggest barriers to someone having a personal trainer is cost. However, by training with a friend you will be able to reduce the cost and receive all the above benefits at the same time. This initial step may give you that little nudge you needed to begin your personal training journey and achieve your goals you desire!

What you waiting for? You got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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