What is a Personal Training Consultation?

A personal training consultation can vary depending on the trainer. This article explains the process of my consultation with Train For Change Personal Training.

Time: One Hour

I book out one hour for my consultations as I have found this to be suitable amount of time for the consultation to take place. It allows us to get to know each other and ensure we both walk away from the meeting with all the information we need.

Cost: Free

I do not charge for my consultation because I believe it is import for the potential client and myself to meet, and have a chat first before any financial commitment is made. There are many factors that can influence the decision and these should all be explored first.

Is your particular goal something that I can help you with?

Do you feel comfortable when meeting me?

Do I feel comfortable when meeting you?

Do you have any medical contraindications that may prevent you from exercising?

Are you fully ready to begin making lifestyle changes?

personal training consultation

Personal Training Consultation - 8 Simple Steps

Step 1: Complete Booking Consultation Form

The initial step is for you to complete my consultation booking form. This gives me a brief understanding of your potential goals.

Step 2: Arrange Location

I will respond to your request and arrange to meet at a location convenient for you. It can take place at my studio, a neutral location (i.e. coffee shop) or I can come to your house. The consultation can be done over the phone however, I personally prefer to meet in person because I feel it helps to break the ice and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Step 3: Arrange Time

Once the location of the meeting is decided we can then arrange a time that is suitable for us both.

Step 4: Lifestyle Questionnaire

During the consultation I will complete my lifestyle questionnaire with you. This will provide me with information about your medical background, lifestyle habits, exercise experiences and your personal goals.

Step 5: Q&A

After we have gone through the lifestyle questionnaire, you can then provide me with any other information that you feel would be relevant and ask me any questions you may have.

Step 6: Decide On Personal Training Package

From all the information you have provided we can now decide which package is best for you.

Step 7: Set Start Date

With the paper work all complete it is now time to set a start date.

Step 8: Begin Your Personal Training Experience

Finally, all what is left to do, is to is turn up your to your first session and begin your journey towards the goals you desire.

What you waiting for? Why not book your FREE personal consultation now and see if it is for you?!

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