When should you get a personal trainer?

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Many people contemplate the idea of getting a personal trainer but often talk them selves out of it….

“I am to unfit to have a personal trainer”

“What if they push me to hard”

“Do I want to be screamed at”

Unfortunately these are just some of the doubts the prevent people from finally achieving their health and fitness related goals.

There is no right or wrong level of fitness required to hire a personal trainer. A good trainer will be able to ensure that your training programme is completely tailored to your current level of fitness. One of the biggest stereotypes associated with personal trainers are that they are going to scream at you all session, and push you until you throw up in a bucket or beg for mercy. Now, I am not going to say that these trainers don’t exist *Tw!#s*, but luckily I would say they are the minority. A good trainer doesn’t need to scream at you all session long because they already know what motivates you and how to get the best from you each session.

1) Feel intimidated in a gym environment

It maybe that you are new to exercise or you are someone who is aware of the benefits of weight training but to scared to give it ago in case you are doing it all wrong. Instead, each session you hide away in the cardio vascular machine area and maybe adventure to the machine weight section if you are feeling super brave that session. This level of anxiety may even prevent you from going to a gym completely. A personal trainer is a great investment because you will learn correct techniques and be given a bespoke training programme. You could reduce your anxiety even more by having the personal trainer coming to your own home or going to their private studio.

2) Reduced risk of Injury

We now live in a world where everyone seems to think they are a ‘fitness expert’. Just because Dave has massive Biceps doesn’t make him a body building expert. Unfortunately this has been amplified with Dave’s from your local gyms taking to social media and now spreading their non-scientific training programmes to the world. Often these programmes include high intensity and complexed lifts which sadly carries a greater risk of injury to someone who is new. A personal trainer will be able to break down the basics of each complexed exercise to ensure that you are moving correctly and reducing the risk of injury, whilst making you stronger in the most functional position.

3) Not seeing any results

Maybe you been fowling some programme you found online or just doing your own thing for several months but still not seeing any positive changes. By employing a personal trainer you can take away the guessing game and ensure that your precious time and hard earned money is not being wasted. By setting realistic measurable goals together you can make sure you are staying on track.

If you want to make sure something is done correctly and efficiently you will always look to hire a professional.

Have leak in your bathroom, you call a plumber.

Want to move a light switch, you call an electrician.

Your car won’t start, you call a mechanic.

I think you can see where I am going with this……

However, fitness seems to have a greater do-it-yourself approach than all of the above. I am not saying you can’t reach your goals on your own, no different than you maybe able to fix the leak in your bathroom yourself. Nevertheless, by investing in your health by getting a personal trainer you can finally get the results you want, reduce the risk of injury and making sure you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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